Thursday, October 21, 2010

Art + Interiors: Modern Heritage...

As most of my friends know, I have a thing for feathers and really Native American art and style in general. I love the graphic patterns in bold contrasting hues juxtaposed against the elements of nature. In fact that sort tends to be the way I dress, basic neutral and natural textures with pops of bold vivid colors and patterns. I'm not sure whether it was growing up in the Northwest or spending summers a the Grand Teton National Park's Native American Art Museum but I am consistently drawn to the stylized animal motifs and simple palette. 
The above photograph was taken in the Seattle Art Museum's permanent collection, a modern take on one artist's heritage. The piece spans from floor to ceiling and has such a presence it is hard to miss. The flat images take on another dimension in this unexpected application on thick clear tiles illuminated from behind. I love the re-purposing of age old motifs into a more contemporary media.

Live in it....
Rug via, Chair and end tables via, Blue vases via, Black vases, pendant and feather sculpture via, Pillow via
This design really came together after finding this gorgeous vintage rug, I love the understated pattern with imperfections and personality to anchor and set the tone of the space. Using a range of hues from charcoal to jet black and the unfinished wood table, I wanted to use the black and white color palette in a way that felt warm and organic. And how could I resist pulling in the pop of turquoise with these gorgeous glass vases? Enjoy!


  1. Haha, growing up in Virginia I was always around Native American art and visiting reservations too, so I'm totally into this look! That chair is amazing - love how it has the shape of a bow and arrow...subtle, but there :o)

  2. i think i've settled on my tattoo and it's quite similar to today's post! native american art from pacific northwest is my favorite. so glad you did a post on this. gimme more

  3. this is my favorite post you have done! i would love to live in this room; i have always wanted a native american totem pole; maybe this will inspire me to make my own!