Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love it / Live it: Feather Love

I have always had a deep appreciation for Aboriginal art. I love the way natural elements are thoughtfully put together to create intricate, tactile patterns, both elegant and fierce at the same time. I love their use of art as decorative, spiritual enhancements on a daily basis and I am also especially fond, of course, of their abundant use of feathers. This piece I snapped a shot of at the Crocker Art Museum caught my eye with it's dancing rhythm and graphic shadows...

 For the past couple years I've rarely been seen without a feather in my hair and I'm lusting over this new Spring trend. Feather hair extensions? Why didn't anyone tell me?! Loving this D.I.Y. version on etsy shop LuxePlumes, a perfect way to add a bit of edge and texture to your everyday style. Oh yes, and let my love of feathers be a little hint to my giveaway over on Strataflora later this week...Enjoy!

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  1. When I saw those extensions it brought me back to a convo we had years ago about Urban always biting off things you'd be wearing someone is stealing your ideas! Always setting the trends Laura ;)