Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Daylight: Transformative Spray Paint

Last week, the 6 inches of snow and icy hills of Seattle shut down most of the city for the bulk of the week, forcing us to take a little stay-cation. And I have to say, it was heavenly. Of course after the second day we were more than a little stir crazy but we made use of our impromptu days off to cozy up by the fire, frequent the local coffee shops, and work on all the projects around the house we've never quite made time to do....

As I've mentioned before, we are renters so we're definitely limited in the home improvements we can actually do, but you can always paint! Painting is the easiest way to make an impact in a room at very little cost, and is easily reversed by slapping on a different coat of paint. So, we decided to make a bold impact and paint our front door! I have to say, this was no small task. Inspired by Pendleton's Portland collection, it took a lot of intricately cut tape, and several coats of spray paint, but I absolutely love the way it turned out.

Our 85 lb pup, Phinney, pretty much just laid around between happy romps in the snow. This gorgeous book on Richard Diebenkorn, one of my favorite artists, was a thoughtful gift from my Aunt, and makes the perfect addition to our coffee table. 

We filled the empty space above our bed with this vintage mirrored artwork I found for Jake at our local Goodwill. It was such a great find, I had a guy actually offer to pay me more for it while I was carrying it around in the store!

We painted our dining room walls a soft grey and finally replaced the paper lantern I've had since college with this vintage brass pendant I found on a last minute trip to The RE Store in Ballard. If you're in the area, you must check it out as it is the best place for vintage and scrap fixtures, hardware, and more. 

Jake's most recent Goodwill find, his beloved typewriter, is creating a fun ongoing dialogue as friends add to page every time they come by. 

And lastly, I created a mini installation with wire letters from Urban Outfitters, gold spray paint, turquoise yarn, and a Lego Space Needle

It's amazing how much our environments effect us. Having a home that inspires and calms me is almost as essential to my well being as my yoga classes. What fun projects have you created in your home lately? Would you live with a door this bold or is it too crazy for you? I'd love to hear what you think, Enjoy!


  1. Love the door, so clever! And the letters too!

  2. I want to live here and steal your super cute pup! What a beautiful, beautiful home Laura! Having such a great space would make me never want to leave it!

  3. So adorable, stylish and cozy! I love your home! and I love all the new decor!

  4. holy crap - productive indeed. it looks great! nice work on the door