Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free People Display Love // Dream Catchers

One of the greatest aspects of working for Free People is all the amazingly creative women I am surrounded by. I am constantly inspired by my fellow display artists but today I wanted to share a special display that came together with the help of one of our super talented store girls in Costa Mesa, California. Jen of Broken Arrow Shop crafts gorgeous doily dream catchers and we loved them so much we asked her to make a handful to incorporate into our Fall display set. We simply added in some denim blue dye and voila! one of everyone's favorite display moments of the season came together...
Each one is handmade and unique, I already have one picked out to buy when the display comes down but she is selling more at her shop right now! The girls at home office were so inspired they even did a mini D.I.Y. version on the blog. I'll be sharing more snapshots from our Fall display all week so make sure to check back soon...Enjoy!


  1. wow, these are so beautiful!!

  2. Sorry, but today's the day that I just can't stand to see Native American sacred and religious symbols adulterized, misused, misappropriated, and commercialized! As a Native American I would never do this to anyone else's religious iconography. It is not an artistic interpretation. We work so hard on the reservation to teach our children the history and beliefs of our peoples. When they see our religious beliefs and icons misrepresented, adulterized and abused all over the world they begin to question the validity of their culture. Haven't you done enough?