Friday, May 14, 2010

let it drip

Jackson Pollock..

A lot can be said about "Jack the Dripper", but today I want to focus on one thing. Pollock's drip paintings are a quintessential example of abstract expressionism, and of becoming one with your art. He would lay a canvas on the floor and for days he would add layer upon layer, walking on the canvas, drinking on the canvases and pour his soul out through the flick of his wrists. Whatever it is "your art" may be for you, let Pollock be an inspiration to fully and completely immerse yourself in it. Allow it to be the fullest expression of your being. Walk in it, live in it and poor your heart, your soul and maybe even your demons in it. And it may not be something that everyone will love. It may not be something that everyone will understand, but it will be something. It will be the journey, the process, the exhalation of your being, and that will truly be your art.

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