Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art + Interiors: Dream City [Paul Klee]

I know I've posted this work before but I think it is definitely worth posting again. Paul Klee's Dream City offers and almost child-like perspective into a world full on contrast and wonder. Born in Switzerland, Klee's unique style is hard to hone as it combines elements from expressionism, cubism and surrealism to create a language all his own. This is piece is my particular favorite for the range in color tonality throughout. The rare use of watercolor in an otherwise cubistic approach gives the piece an interesting quality. I love the blues and greens blended with a touch of mauve here and there. The whole piece seems to vibrate as well and gives the feel of a wonderfully bustling city...

Live in It...
I love these angled end tables, they'll add energy to any room while merging with absolutely any color palette you desire. The faceted mirrored piece would draw in whatever existing colors the room held and bring in a 4th dimension. I could see these in a modern, sleek home or in a eclectic seating arrangement mixed and mtahced. Follow the links to West Elm and Vibieffe to check them out yourself, enjoy!!!

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