Friday, September 10, 2010

Art + Interiors: Into the blue...

There is something about the color blue that is incredibly reflective. Being the color of the sea and the sky it can remind me of the clearest day or deepest pain. It definitely has a calming effect and in a world full of chaos and constant motion it can be a relief for the eyes and the soul. 

This piece, Blue #2 by artist Ed Tajchman invokes all of that and more. The watercolor creates endless depth in all the varying hues of blue and while there is a lot of motion the soft edges and lighter blues seem to smooth everything over into a quiet rhythm.

Live in it...
Living Etc. Magazine

This dramatic room done by designer Paola Navone uses every blue in the spectrum and more. While it is a lot of one color, the varying shades and textures balance each other out in a beautiful way. Haven't we all dreamed of having one room to retire to where we can be alone with our thoughts? Whether it be for meditation, reading, napping or reflecting, this room would be the perfect getaway. And if there is one color that speaks to you, why not treat yourself and envelope yourself in it?

flickr image by zocalo2010

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