Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art + Interiors: Thinking outside the lines...

One of the most inspirational artistic movements for me is Abstract Expressionism. It was a time when for a group of rebellious artists, art became less about recreating what they saw and more about recreating what they felt. It was about expressing themselves through art and producing work that made the viewer have to draw their own conclusions. I love this piece, It looks very much like a De Kooning, though I cannot confirm who the artist is. I love the way the piece plays with the viewer's spatial understanding, there seems to be no up and down, no frame of reference, no beginning and no end. It is just a sea of emotions that though jumbled and erratic, make up a whole that is quite stunning.
Live in it...

sculpture by William Fares. Pillows via CB2. Garden Stools via Chair unknown.

Let your home be an expression of yourself as well. Your home should evoke emotion when you step into it. And this may not be able to be accomplished through one style or color. You have complete creative license, enjoy!

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