Thursday, October 7, 2010

Art + Interiors: An oldie but a goodie [Van Gogh + Kelly Wearstler]

It is hard to deny the influence that Van Gogh has had on the art world. He was not afraid of color, he was not afraid to paint what he saw rather than what he knew to be accurate, and most importantly for artists for years and years to come, he developed a style that was all his own.
I love the energy in his work. The fiercely bright colors in constant motion create an atmosphere that is both vibrant and alive.
Live in it...

There is one Interior Designer that for me possesses many of the same qualities as Van Gogh's work, the one and only, Kelly Wearstler. Much like Van Gogh, she has boldly developed a style that is all her own. She has paved the way for designers to use vivid colors, play with scale and contrast, and let their personality be expressed through a space. She also happens to decorate with as many shades of turquoise as Van Gogh painted with...

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Greens, blues and yellows tend to be the palette of colors I live in so I would post up in these spaces any day. Though I've never been lucky enough to be in one, Wearstler's spaces seem to just envelope you in a work of art, and for me, that is what its all about. Enjoy!

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  1. I love Van Gogh. His work consistently takes my breath away.