Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Art + Interiors: Brushed Nostalgia [Gerhard Richter]

The work of reknowned artist Gerhard Richter is a mash up of my absolute favorite artistic mediums. Nature and colorful abstractions combine to make stunningly rich pieces that cause a second and a third look from the viewer. The work has a sort of nostalgic quality to it as the photographic can only be seen through heavy stokes of painted and the photographs content is somewhat lost leaving the veiwer to fill in the story themselves.
For me the overall feeling of these pieces is of the unique, diverse entities each of us are on our surroundings. As beautiful these photographs probably are on their own, it is the artistic presence that gives them life. Let's not be afraid to have the same effect on our world, color your surroundings and jog the ordinary with imperfect abstractions to give them new life....

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I love a juxtaposition between manufactured and organic, soft and hard, fluid and concrete. None of these pieces are individually bold or outrageous but together they create a quiet and natural environment where earth, metal and water all have an equal presence. Its sophisticated without being uptight and without losing that little element of surprise...Thanks for coming by today, Enjoy!!

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  1. Great blog you guys have here! Love this West elm chair...actually using it right now in a project! Glad to have found you...looks like a great source for me :)