Saturday, January 22, 2011

Art + Interiors: Mountain Graffiti [TCHMO]

Hello and happy weekend! So glad to finally have had time to sit down and create a full post. This time of year in Seattle can be tough , a lot of grey days and misty mornings and while the mountains do provide a bit of relief I find myself craving the addition of color and texture to the horizon. These prints satisfied that craving beautifully.
The Giclee prints found on caught my eye with their frosty mountains peaking through clouds of pinks and blues. I love the layered method and abstract mixed with photographic realism. It makes me want to spray paint a little color on my windshield to update my view of the winter days.

end table wisteria, chair cb2, pendants studio bel vetro, end table architonic, pillow sachin + babi, pillows abchome, salt+pepper shakers wisteria
A little bit of organic texture thrown into a Winter to Spring palette makes this a fresh take on a living space, mix in some greys and natural surfaces and you've got a room with modern sophistication that will leave a lasting impression. Thanks so much for stopping by today and come back soon for a little forecast of things to come!