Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love it / Live it: Grit and Glamour [Marilyn Minter]

I've always been a bit enamored with the photography of Marilyn Minter. I love the way she captures both grit and glamour simultaneously. And I often find myself experiencing life in these two extremes. There is much sadness, darkness and pain but it is far exceeded by all the joy, beauty and light. And I truly feel it's that contrast itself that makes it so inspiring...
Marilyn Minet, ring via tanja-ufer.co.uk
Minter's work is the same way, she captures the moments that break the idealistic facades of Fashion, embracing the details where the two world's meet, placing the viewer smack dab in the middle of it all. I love this style as well, this ring is a little bit bling but it has unexpected asymmetry and a roughness to it.
Marilyn Minter, ring via luvaj.com
This image is one of my favorites with its metaphoric implications about walking in her shoes. This girl obviously walks hard and if you're a motivated woman dedicated to doing what you love you know what that means, we may love a little sparkle but we are damn tough...Enjoy!


  1. Hmm... do you read Grit & Glamour? It's one of my favorite blogs. Haha!

  2. I didnt even know about it thanks!!