Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love it / Live it: Feeling Scattered [Nightwood]

Good Morning and Happy St. Patties day everyone! I realize I should have put up something green today but to honest I barely even noticed it was St. Patrick's Day. I've been so scattered lately that time has sort of been zooming by with little chance for me to stop and collect myself. But I am realizing now that living the full life I've chosen can at times be overwhelming, so the trick is not to wait for it to slow down but to make time amidst the chaos stop and breath, to gather the fragmented pieces and reorganize them a bit to make sure they make up something inspiring...
painting via Nightwood, necklace via etsy shop spoonfulofmint

This process may mean having to loose a few pieces that don't quite fit but it I'm learning things don't have to be a certain shape or fit into the mold I once thought that they would, but therein lays the beauty of it all. This artwork would be a lot less interesting if the shapes were all the same don't you think? Enjoy!

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