Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love it / Live it: Rock Science [Cassandria Blackmore]

There are a few artists I just cannot get enough of, and contemporary artist Cassandria Blackmore is definitely one of them. Based dually in San Fransisco and Seattle, she paints on glass in reverse, then shatters the works and puts them back together. This complex artistic process is essential to the work but the end result itself is always absolutely breathtaking, challenging our usual paradigms of beauty...
In person they almost appear to be lit from behind, the source being the very core of their damage. Billy Bride jewelry possesses this same artistic intrigue as "no two stones are alike. Irregularity in the appearance of each stone is a testament to their natural strength and individuality." Enough said don't you think?

I have never been a diamond girl but if I do have to wear a rock on my finger I wouldn't mind one of these. Organic, rough, edgy, prismatic, solid, unique. These rings speak my language...Enjoy!

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