Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art + Interiors: Water World [Katherine Sandoz]

Happy hump day everyone! Today I'm inspired by the fluid and tranquil 'Waterway Series' by artist Katherine Sandoz. Not only do these paintings happen to be in my favorite color palette but they also combine two of my favorite subjects; nature and abstraction. The subtle silhouetted landscapes seem to glide seamlessly between interchanging skies and horizon lines creating an atmosphere that is both calming and bursting with life at the same time... 
pillow via john robshaw, pendant via 1st dibs, chest via the future perfect, end table via architonic, rug via fort street studio, glass bowl via terrain, chair via the future perfect

I would never have thought to combine black with a sea-inspired palette but I love the way the dark figures anchor the composition the same way a dark rug anchors a room. The mix of fluid color, curving shapes and rough, distinct edges is an unexpected way to bring rhythm to a room without any surface pattern at all (and we all know I just cannot get enough of John Robshaw's dip dyed pillows). Hope your week is off to a good start and overflowing with unexpected inspiration...Enjoy!


  1. laura, thank you so much for posting my work. i love the pairings you have chosen! best, kd

  2. Thank YOU for creating such beautiful and inspiring art! I'd love to feature more in the future too as you had sooo many gorgeous paintings to choose from!