Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Daylight 7.28.11

Good morning! Being both a blogger and a graphic designer, I tend to spend quite a bit of time in front of the computer screen, and frankly it can get a bit exhausting. So yesterday I spent a day completely unplugged, getting my hands dirty. Well not so much dirty as blue...

I dip dyed a set of curtains for my bedroom in an aqua blue. And though the micro-fiber fabric I happened to have did not take to the dye as well as I would have liked, the process was fun and quite simple. Bucket + dye + dip + dry and you're done!

I then started rummaging through all the bits and pieces of vintage jewelry I've taken apart over to years to create a new line of jewelry (coming to etsy soon I promise!). I also managed to squeeze in a few blissful hours of work on a few new paintings to replace the ones I've sold (thank you!).  And though I couldn't stay away from my trusty laptop for long, it felt nice to be hands-on and immersed in creating all day long. Hope you all have a chance to get your hands just a little bit dirty this week as well...Enjoy!

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  1. You were a busy (creative) bee! I love unplugging every once in awhile...soooooo good for the soul! xoxo