Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Art + Interiors: Dripping Nostalgia [Stina Persson]

I've long since been a fan of artist Stina Persson. She has quite a range of work but I'm most inspired by her dripping watercolors that reference the 70's while feeling incredibly fresh. She uses the negative space in each composition with just as much intent as her sultry and ethereal hues...
I love the idea of getting this same effect in a sitting room. Subtle tonal changes with an overall wash of blue-green color with a few pieces whose silhouette creates as intriguing a shape in the negative space than in the piece itself.. 
pillow via furbish studio, pendants via velocity art and design, rug via abc carpet, end table via clayton gray home, chair via 1st dibs

As you can see, I'm still coveting Abc Carpet's Color Reform rugs like mad. I just love anything that is unusually saturated and bold in colors you might never expect. Hope you're week is humming along beautifully, I think I'll sneak some breaks from the work I'm currently buried in to take in some serious Vitamin D...enjoy!

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