Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love it / Live it: Patina Horizon [Katherine Sandoz]

I'm embracing Fall today with the return of misty grey mornings and early earth toned sunsets . I'm pulling out my sweaters and coats and resisting the urge to bundle up under the covers all day long because there is work to be done, people to see and so much to create...

art by Katherine Sandoz, vase via Wisteria

I love the peace and calm this abstract landscape by artist Katherine Sandoz brings. The palette is dead on for Fall and reminds me of quiet mornings with a piping hot cup of tea...Enjoy!

p.s. Congratulations to Molly who has won my painting over on Apartment 34, head on over there to see the way Erin herself would style a room around it. And in case you missed it, don't forget to check out my grey and triangular Artful Interiors over on Design for Mankind this week.

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