Monday, September 26, 2011

Office Space: TODAY IS THE DAY

Hello Monday and hello Fall! With the new season finally here I thought I'd give my blog a brand new look to go with a brand new chapter of life I've ventured into this year. I've joined the intimidating world of self employment and while working freelance has been incredibly rewarding so far, it is a constant challenge putting myself out there and overcoming the hurdles and setbacks that come with it...

Despite the challenges of being an artist and designer for a living, I'm absolutely thrilled to be doing what I love and am so excited to be able to offer both graphic and interior design services here. I've been having so much fun working with a variety of clients and am loving the excitement of taking on new projects week after week.

Lantern via 1st Dibs, rug via Anthropologie, Chair via Velocity Art and Design, Print via the big harumph, pencil cup via Jayson Home, Tray via Vivre, Desk via Velocity Art and Design

With that said, it is high time for me to create an office space where I can have some peace and calm, organize my thoughts,  and stay motivated and inspired everyday. So while I continue the search in pulling together my dream office, today I'm inspired by a mix of well traveled accents and modern silhouettes all on a warm and cozy ikat shag rug. And you never know, maybe today is the day that you land that dream job, get that promotion or make your dreams a reality, so let's get to it, shall we?...Enjoy!


  1. This is very exciting for you!!!! Your quote selections are a great way to start the week! Good luck with creating your zen work space.

  2. Love the updated look, Laura! And I can't wait to see what your home office looks like!

  3. Well your FABULOUS photographs make a world of difference!