Monday, October 31, 2011

Love it / Live it: Manic Malachite [Aili Schmeltz]

Happy Monday readers! I apologize for the lack of posts last week, I'm a bit buried in work right now but I just couldn't stand to stay away any longer. Blogging inspires me and is always a great way to rejuvenate and refocus when things are getting out of control for me. One artist in particular that has been on my radar and motivating me to create is Aili Schmeltz. Her mixed media works both flat and sculptural play with spacial boundaries in such an intriguing way...

 I just can't get enough of these acid bright greens right now. It's nature's palette with the volume turned way up, not to mention that green is a color of female empowerment. And this rug is blowing my mind. Believe it or not, it is made out of FELT. That's right, the crafting geniuses over at Martha Stewart have done it again. I'm thinking a spin on this idea might be a wonderful addition to my bedroom if only I could get some extra hours in the day...Enjoy!

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