Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love it / Live it: Willem de Kooning

Hello! I am so incredibly be thrilled to be getting on a plane tomorrow with my wonderful father for a much needed little vacay to New York City! I've only been to the famous city once at the age of 13 and it is high time I got back there to see all the art, culture and utter chaos that the city thrives on. I'll be traipsing around the city seeing old friends, eating good food, and seeing every show, gallery and museum I can squeeze in, but there is one thing I simply cannot miss...

art via MoMA, cuff via Darleen Meier

'de Kooning: A Retrospective' at New York's Museum of Modern Art is at the top of my list this week while in NYC. Abstract expressionism has been the most influential movement in my personal development as an artist and Willem de Kooning is among the most prolific artists of that time. I've only seen his work in Art History class slides and text books, nothing, I'm sure, compared to being in the presence of a canvas taller than me, layered in contradictions and emotions, set in the most exquisite palettes I have ever seen. I'll be in NY through the weekend and would love any and all suggestions you may have, otherwise, enjoy!

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