Monday, December 5, 2011

Beautiful Process [David Derksen Design]

Often as artists we tend to focus on the outcome of a composition, and not so much on the process. But when I saw what the fellows of David Derksen Design created while focusing completely on the art of a process, it made me think about the production of art in a completely different way. These gorgeous pieces combining natural and chemical processes in finely cut geometric shapes make way for a brand new art form; the oxidizing process of mirrors...

I love when artists give insight into their work and the planning that actually goes into it. It brings a more layered perspective on the art itself and inspires me to look at my own art with a more scientific and explorational eye. Here is a little peak into their process, check out the details here.

It's absolutely fascinating what beautiful natural processes occur without our even realizing it. Hope you all had an inspiring and rejuvenating weekend and are starting the week off with a bit of new found energy and optimism. I installed over 15 paintings at Seattle's downtown Anthropologie and it was absolutely amazing to see my work is such a stunning setting. I promise to share photos very soon! Until then..Enjoy!!

all images via David Derksen Design

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