Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Balancing act

I am constantly trying to find balance in life. I'm happiest when I have a good balance of all that's important to me. In my experience I have never benefited from a one track mind. For me that usually means making sure I don't get so bogged down with work or school that I don't have time to exercise or spend time with the people I love. I like to think of it simply as being healthy, making sure to feed my mind, body and soul. Because one never quite functions right without the other. So many of us get so focused on a goal in the future that we tend to sort of forgo the present to achieve it. I have had a startling revelation though, life is short, and life is the now, the present every day, don't miss it! Feed and exercise your mind, your body AND your soul on a daily basis and I've found that it only then will the balance come with surprising ease.


  1. may you continue to find the balance in your life that has always kept you healthy - you inspire me artistically and through your exercise. love to you,
    a loving soulmate - mom

  2. a fav quote of mine - "all the way to heaven is heaven" - we must appreciate the journey not simply the destination. hope you enjoyed your ride today :) miss you and talk soon bub