Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Structured Energy

Anni Albers...
I was recently reminded of this female Bauhaus artist while flipping through an Elle Decor and became inspired. Her story is one of overcoming sexism and gaining recognition for work she was passionate about. She was a weaver at the Bauhaus and likened the practice to architecture in that each smaller piece was in support of the whole. Although weaving got little to no recognition and she was a female among few in what was truly a man's world, she sought to create work that inspired and ultimately won the hearts of many through the art she produced.

"I have this very 'square' idea that art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness"-Anni Albers

Live in it.... Luckily, Knoll still produces one of Albers' patterns. Her "Eclat" comes in several different color ways and feels just as modern today as it did when she was weaving it herself so many years ago. The pattern is a small enough print that you could upholster a chair in the nuetral tone for added fresh texture, dress up a bed in it or choose a few of the colorways for throw pillows. The diagonal lines bring an energetic feel without the feeling of chaos.

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