Thursday, July 22, 2010

Relax and Restore

Sometimes we all need a little Zen in our life. As much as I love a busy lifestyle, full days and packed weekends, a little time away from it all can be just what I need. Just enough space to relfect on my own, recollect my thoughts, and replenish my perspective. In the same way, I love bright colors and active patterns but I can't help but breath a little calmer in the pressence of traditional Japanese sumi-e ink paintings. There is such grace in the brush strokes, and sush calm control, and yet all the subtle details are present but without any of the fuss. It just allows the viewer to be at peace and meditate, whoever they, wherever they are in life, they can just breath.

Live in it...

This gorgeous rug from Fort Street Studio is from their watercolor collection and captures the essence of Sumi-e Ink painting. It adds restorative energy to a space as the contrast of black on white grabs your attention then sooths and calms as each brush stroke fades into the next. Pair with a traditional paper lantern for a stylishly Zen interior.

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