Friday, August 6, 2010

Beauty in the Broken

I cannot walk down Pike on Seattle's Capitol Hill without stopping to take in the work of Cassandria Blackmore. Her art speaks to me. The colors seem to create a constant motion, always with a sense of light from somewhere deep within. I am drawn in from afar by gorgeous masses of color and am instantly intrigued when I see that they are underneath layers of shattered glass. This juxtaposition proposes such a profound idea, so relevant to my life, I could stand in front of these works all day. How does something so utterly broken give such a sense of hope, inspiration and joy?

"We all have periods in our lives when we are shattered. Our ability to put the pieces back together makes us more beautiful and interesting."
-Cassandria Blackmore
Live in it...

I fell just as quickly in love with this Tie-dye wallpaper by Maya Romanoff and Amy Lau. The subdued pallette turns a bohemian passtime into a chic and modern oasis. Perfect for a small powder room or entry way, the subtle imperfections enbody beauty in uniqueness, thus the name of the line "Snowflake".

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  1. I am also moved by Blackmore's work. As you put so well Lu, her art speaks to the pain and the hope (or in my case "grace")that we are called to live with inevitably at the some time. I believe the pain is always with us, but that it can coexist with grace - the "juxtaposition" or "paradox" is what life is all about. Her art speaks to the truth of our hearts - and it pays tribute to the fact that life can withstand the pain and indeed be beautiful.