Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shining through

June Sekiguchi...

When I came across these works at the ArtXChange in Seattle by June Sekiguchi I was immediately drawn in. The scrollcut patterns range from iconic ethnic symbols to abstract expressions and yet without the light coming from within the box you wouldn't see the image on the plexi-glass at all, "the layers create textures of light and shadow that act as frames and screens that can enhance and reveal while also filter and obscure what is behind." (June Sekiguchi) It made me think of how we interact with eachother. In our adult lives we learn to only reveal certain parts of ourselves while concealing others in an attempt to protect ourselves. As a result we put less value in connecting with others and more on our own independence. But if we do not open up and let who we really are shine through, we won't connect at all. I've found connecting with others to be one of the most beautiful parts of life, my friendships are my most prized possessions and are a cure all for everything life throws my way. So though it may be a little scary to open up and let people in, life is far too short to keep the world in the dark.

Live in it...

These graphic screens are a great way to divide a room while allowing as much light to shine through as possible. They add interest and texture in an unexpected way while providing a smaller, cozier space within and larger space. (Design-Milk, Fabulousness)

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