Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guest Post: Fluid Tranquility [Destiny Womack]

 Hello there!  It’s Amy from strataflora and I’m so excited and honored to be doing a guest post over here at Love the Daylight!  As a fellow art/design/nature enthusiast, I love Laura’s approach to design – fusing all the worlds together for a unique, rich, cultured look.  I live by the same method, soaking up inspiration from my surroundings, whether it is in the form of art, fashion, nature or people.  There are so many beautiful things to take in and appreciate everyday, and I love sharing them with my readers…and now you!

I came across these gorgeous paintings by artist Destiny Womack and promptly fell in love with the vivid colors and unique marbled look.  The dreamy, flowing textures created by the complex layers of color almost remind me of an oil slick on a rainy day.  Her paintings have a rare duality; they are tranquil yet energetic, static yet fluid…it’s a special quality that really draws you in. 
1.) Rainbow Abalone Mirror – motherofpearl-tiles.co.uk/MotherofPearlCraftItems.aspx 2.) Wegner Wishbone Chair – www.roomandboard.com 3.) Teso Table – http://hivemodern.com  4.) Daum Crystal Peacock Figurine www.neimanmarcus.com 5.) Purple Brick Votive Holder –http://www.neimanmarcus.com 6.) Veli Ceiling Light – www.ylighting.com
7.) Platner Lounge Chair –www.hivemodern.com
Referencing the color palette and dual nature of the paintings plays out very nicely when translated into an interior...I love a combination of sharp, structured pieces mixed in with soft edges, and a variety of textures. The translucent furniture and accessories make a statement, but don’t compete with other elements. Reflective surfaces, like a high-gloss finish or metallic varnish brighten and expand the room (like this attention grabbing abalone shell mirror!)

I hope you enjoyed my little guest post…to find more from me, stop by www.strataflora.com. Have a lovely day!


  1. Wow they're definitely dreamy! And I love how you translated it into a room - I must try this. Really enjoyed the guest post!

    xx Cristina