Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I heart Sacramento; NeoCrocker

This weekend I was able to attend the last of the Crocker Art Museum's fabulous events to celebrate the Neo Crocker. The art museum went through an extensive transformation and my lovely Aunt Linda Farley was there the whole way as one of the Museum's Directors. The Museum is absolutely gorgeous, if you are any where even near the area you simpy MUST check this out! You'll find Historical Californian art, a large and exquisite pottery collection, modern and contemperary works large and small, and SO much more. The event did not dissapoint either. With neon lights, fire dancers, a dance floor surrounded by art and endless ways to be in on the creativity I was in absolute heaven!
I shared only a few of my faves here from the abstract to the aboriginal works to Sacramento natives, there were just too many to choose from! You'll have to check out the Museum yourself to really soak in all the inspiration. And expect plenty of future posts featuring the wide range of talents exhibited! Enjoy! 


  1. Looks like an amazing event! I'm looking forward to the future posts on all the great art you found! :o)

  2. awesome pics! and an awesome place to spend an evening ;)