Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Art + Interiors: Thinking outside the body [Yves Klein]

Millions can learn to draw and paint, but those that are remembered for decades and decades are those who take risks and think outside of the box, who think conceptually and value the artistic process as much as the end result. It is always encouraging to me to study such artists, it is a reminder to continue to pursue what I believe in and a shot in the arm for my own creativity. Yves Klein is one of these artists.

For Klein, the color blue embodied the freedom of the sky. In 1960 he raised eyebrows with his 'Living Brush' series. Nude models would apply blue paint to their bodies and to the sound of a single note being played by an orchestra and under Klein's instruction, would transfer the paint to the canvas stretched across the floor. Though more than a little quirky, Klein's work represents the fusion of conceptual and performance art with stunning end results.
There is so much energy in these pieces and the thick, saturated blue adds depth that just pulls you in.
Live in it...

I couldn't resist these multi-faceted end tables. Whether you choose one color or spring for all three, it is a great way to add interest and depth, I love the way they reflect the light like oversized diamonds. They're an instant modern twist with a futuristic edge. Enjoy!

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