Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Hundred In The Hands - Tom Tom (This Desert EP out now)

my debut song...this was a hard choice, how do i want people to view me; i pondered this over for hours, then i though screw it! i picked this song b/c i just like it and thats what i will do most days. some are to display a feeling i am having that day but most are just gonna be that simple. i like it. anyway back to the video-the outfits are awesome, aside from the guy in the white jeans but hopefully it was before labor day at least. alright so the deal is i would love your feedback please, this is to be a dialog more than me just putting songs up for you to steal my music, jk ok well thats all i have for the day of oct. 14 2010. hope you enjoy it!     signing off ladybird

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