Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art + Interiors: Gut Instincts [Sam Gilliam]

"My formula has always been one of change....It's really a matter of confidence and of gut instincts. I'll take a chance on losing everything in order to gain something else. As a result, I usually gain, because all of my experiences and methods are cumulative" -Sam Gilliam
One of my favorite works of Art at the Seattle Art Museum has always been the 4 panel, 50+ foot wide piece by African American Artist Sam Gilliam. The over scaled tie-dyed canvas explode with color from frame to frame. When standing in front of them I get a feeling of endless possibility, they're so full of light and movement that they seem to inject their energy right into the viewer. Gilliam's quote is a great reminder for me in both my art and my life. Sometimes we have to take a leap out of our comfort zone, just move on a hunch that there's something better for us, better from us. So I'm taking a cue from him this week and ignoring any worry and self-doubt and looking a bit more to my confidence and gut instincts on these next steps.
chair via architonic, curtains via urban outfitters, pillow via john robshaw, chair via four hands, agate plate via urban outfitters,  rug via odegard, end table via west elm

 What I love about this little roundup is the play between geometry and abstract, between circles and squares and between the color-drenched and the colorless. The decor is in the movement, the elements and the pops of color broken up by the textured stainless steel. And I'm especially loving these agate plates that are popping up everywhere lately, they're such a fun way to add a shock of color and texture to a space. Enjoy!

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