Sunday, January 2, 2011

Art + Interiors: Cali to the Northwest [William Wendt]

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had fun celebrating and are excited as I am to take on a brand new year. As I begin this new chapter of my life back here in Seattle I realize how at home I feel among snow capped mountains, grassy parks and ever-changing trees. And ironically enough I'm looking to the "Dean of the California Artists", William Wendt today for my inspiration. His works show the richest parts of California and those that would fit just as seamlessly into the landscapes of the Northwest.
We've been lucky enough to have sunshine and blue skies here lately (though it is freezing) and I'm learning to take the best of what my time in California taught me and fuse it with my new found perspective of the Northwest. Wendt's greyed out trees and cloud spotted skies seem like the perfect representation. I love the rough and gestural landscapes capturing sun-soaked weathered trees curving around shaded hills.  They are not about a perfect day, or a perfectly manicured scene but the paintings feel incredibly warm, welcoming and open.
chandelier via Arteriors, agate plate via, chair and chest via Anthropologie, pillow via dwell studio, ottoman and chest via Four Hands, sofa via American Leather

As you know I love infusing nature into my interiors whether it be through the palette, the textures or the materials and then adding a bit of glamour for the unexpected. This space does just that. The greens and browns anchor the space while a bronze brushed accent pillow and a mirrored chest keep it from feeling too granola. Earthy Chic is what I like to call it, Enjoy!


  1. one of my favorite CA artists - "I want to go to there"

  2. I feel lucky everyday to be able to step outside and have the gorgeous backdrop of Mt. Tam! I think the Northwest is definitely just as exquisite! And yes, I'll have to plan a trip up there soon...eep! :o)