Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love it / Live it: Hectic Beauty [Crystall Jackson]

Is it Sunday already? I've spent the weekend trying to catch up on my life and now it's almost Monday again. I found this charming painting by Crystall Jackson and felt considerably drawn to it as it's a perfect representation of my life right now. There is so much beauty and little unexpected golden moments in it, but it is incredibly hectic and completely void of order.
I'm hoping to move things a bit more in the direction of this necklace by Sadie. Still incredibly unique and interesting, organic with an edge and a touch of glamour, but a bit more simplified...Hope you all have a relaxing and simplifying Sunday...Enjoy!


  1. Ooh...digging both of those! Especially the art! We need to catch up soon, lady! I know how you feel with all the chaos...I can totally relate. Hope you get a relaxing evening in before the work week begins yet again! ;-)