Monday, February 14, 2011

Ladybird: The Head and the Heart-Down in the Valley

Readers, this is a special edition post... Charity from the Head and the Heart, a local Seattle band on the rise has chosen a video from her band's performances this past year. Down in the Valley, I believe was the first song I had heard from The Head and the Heart and immediately fell in love. They should be called 'the Seattle band'; with their folk sound and Ballard style, they are completely Northwest. Their rich sound and soulful lyrics were the perfect anecdote for the grey Seattle day where the Live Concert at the Mural series took place, sponsored by the best radio station on earth KEXP. Enjoy this song and drink an americano while you listen!(and please not from Starbucks)

signing off Ladybird

photos by Charity Rose Thielen
photos via KEXP,
And for our exclusive interview with Charity herself, check back tomorrow...until then..Enjoy!

photo via April Brimer, sofa via wisteria


  1. Love The Head & Heart! Charity has such an amazing voice...and I went to high school with Tyler (random fact, lol). Can't wait for the interview! :D

  2. love it. Charity - didn't you wrap a present for me at LFP Tree Top Toys? - you go girl! the band is amazing.