Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ladybird: We Are Trees-'I Don't Believe in Love'

Dear readers, it has been so long since my last post, I know you were all missing me. I have found a new band out of Brooklyn called We Are Trees, there are 3 in this trio; percussion, vocals and violin. Their debut album was Boyfriend and their sophomore album is Girlfriend… isn’t that cute? This band reminds me of being a teen in the summer, nothing to do but wake up late, lay in the sun and listen to music. This song has a very nostalgic vibe to me. Please enjoy and wait in anticipation for summer…..

signing off ladybird

And here is what the two of us will be rocking this spring and summer, if this rain ever does let up...Enjoy!
images via rue mag and oracle fox
images via oracle fox, sandals anthropologie, thatschic and twenty8twelve
via twenty8twelve and oracle fox
p.s. is anyone as in love with Sienna Miller's killer style as I am?!

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