Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love it / Live it: Feeling Muddled [Michelle Armas]

Hi friends! I have to admit I was feeling a little blue yesterday. I don't know if it was the dreary weather or my lack of sleep this weekend but some days it is just a little bit harder to keep from spinning into worry mode. My head's been as muddled as this painting but artist Michelle Armas' cool subtle palette makes it somehow calming... 
I love the intense pops of turquoise in both the painting and these gorgeous coasters from Anthropologie, we got one as a gift a few weeks ago and I love it so much I am tempted to snag some more as they're only $32 for the set! Here's to a brand new day and a brighter outlook...Enjoy!


  1. These are really pretty. I would definitely hang this in my home.

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  2. Beautiful! Just found your blog..keep it coming!