Monday, April 25, 2011

My Daylight 4.25.11

Happy Monday readers! Well the grey skies are back for now but I soaked up enough of the sunshine this weekend to last a little while, and I spent some time soaking up the inspiration of other Seattle creatives as well... 
I loved this window display in dowtown Nordstroms, a chair project connecting 10 artists and 10 interior designers, I'm especially fond of the one with the super high back.
I finally got a chance to see The Head and the Heart live at a free show at Queen Anne's Easy Street Records. They were absolutely amazing live and have so much energy and presence on stage. And don't worry they'll be back this weekend for a couple shows too in case you missed them!
And finally the Fremont Market is the perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday and I was blown away at all the vintage finds and crafty artisans...

I found this stunning crystal collection from artisan Buddy Austin and could hardly pick just one and Tuesday Shop's wide selection of gorgeous graphic scarves didn't make narrowing things down very easy either....
I hope you all got a bit of Vitamin D this weekend and a lot of inspiration, what was your weekend highlight?? Cheers to a new week..Enjoy!

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  1. I'm jeal' you got to see them in such a small venue!