Monday, May 2, 2011

Art + Interiors: Multi-faceted [Gemma Smith]

Good morning readers! Now, some people may call it spreading yourself too thin, I like to call it multi-tasking, but I sincerely believe that having a multi-faceted life is having a balanced one and I wouldn't want to live any other way. I think just like anything else, the more you practice your creativity the more it flows so in the coming weeks I'll be taking on a variety of creative side projects and I can't wait to jump in....
The geometric works of artist Gemma Smith seemed like the perfect embodiment of these new little ventures and if things in my life turn out as beautifully I'll be a happy girl. I love the way the flat geometric shapes and unexpected palettes combine to create depth and movement in each piece. It's a joyous chaos really...
mobile and pendant via the future perfect, pillow via south of market, table via architonic, cabinet via boca do lobo, chair via conran shop, dining table via architonic, basket via furbish studio
The triangle is both the most and least stable of shapes depending on which side it's resting on and in every piece here it is definitely positioned to keep you on your toes. With a bold cheery palette and energizing diagonals this space would be ideal for brainstorming and creating. So bring on the chaos and let's see what kind of beauty transpires..Enjoy!

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