Friday, May 13, 2011

Colored Daylight 5.13.11

As some of you may have noticed, blogger was completely down for about 24 hours and in the mean time deleted some posts, errr! Anyway I just wanted to re-post this in case any of you missed it, a little color therapy for your weekend.

In soothing blue-greens, two of my biggest inspirations: Andy Warhol who's work always helps to lighten things up a bit and keeps me from taken life too seriously, and Kelly Wearstler, a true artist and designer, (one of her stunning mood trays) Wearstler is a constant inspiration to me, always creating her own furniture and designing fabrics she continues to produce work that is uniquely her in a big way...
Lastly a shot of my jewelry in the same gorgeous palette. I always see an outfit as a blank canvas and a chance to be creative and one of my favorite ways to brighten up on an otherwise grey day is to pile on the brights...Enjoy!

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