Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Art + Interiors: Organic Expressionist [Sean Woolsey]

Allow me to introduce you to Sean Woolsey, an artist whose artistic process is as inspiring as his work itself. Living by the beach in sunny southern California, his works take on a sort of 'organic expressionism' where nature and environment have as much influence as he does on the outcome of each piece. Salvaging sheet metal and building it like a canvas, he uses a mixture of water based patinas, acids, paints, oils, and even wines to create the work. "They are completely experimental and each piece develops it's own character and story over time"... 

"Some I will leave outside to rust for weeks on end, to soak in the sun and salt of the ocean air." He then seals the work in a permanent state with resin, which keeps it from continuing to change over time, then frames each piece with reclaimed wood from old barns in the Midwest. "The process is a very natural and organic one, with nature and time being the backbone of my work, which creates a very ethereal outcome".

Sean loves working with repurposed materials, both for his artwork and his recent endeavor in furniture and lighting design. "Whether it is wood I find on the side of the road, or scrap metal from a barn in Idaho, I give it new life through my work."
 I first saw Sean's work when he showed at the cafe I worked at in Newport Beach, and I was completely taken aback. The layers of organic processes that the work has over gone is evident in each piece and it creates an incredible level of depth. And though the pieces are now frozen in time, they seem to maintain a steady and fluid motion that is as calming as the ocean.
pendants via niche modern, chair and sofa via anthropologie, rug via abc carpet, pillow via hettle on etsy, coffee table via south of market

Inspired by the rich California palette and mix of materials and textures in Sean's work this space is masculine yet soft. Pieces that have been reclaimed, dyed and weathered create a look that feels immediately lived-in and welcoming. Thank you to Sean for a look into his incredible artistic process, I'm truly inspired to start experimenting in my own work and to let nature take it's course...Enjoy!


  1. I love his work and his color palette is so soothing. Great post Laura!

  2. This is an amazing medium for interpreting abstract art! I just took a basic metal working class and it is really unbelievable to see how metal can gain such a colorful patina over time. Fantastic post. Fantastic blog. I will be reading further :)