Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love it / Live it: Layered Rhythm

One thing that can always be found in both my wardrobe and my designs, is an abundance of layering. The layering of textures, of patterns, of cultural elements, of color palettes and surfaces is what really gets me going and I love the challenge of working to find the common thread that will bring it all together in a fresh and curated way. I love this look for that very reason, there's a whole lot going on, yet your eye doesn't get exhausted looking at it...

image via hiddenite, chair via anthropologie

This chair from Anthro is just as brilliant. The tufting, carved wood legs and casters make it a classic and familiar sillhouette that will fit into almost any existing interior, yet the fresh palette and bold patterning brings in a huge jolt of energy and youthfulness...Enjoy!

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