Monday, July 11, 2011

Love it / Live it: Well Traveled Vintage [Sasha Maksutenko]

Happy Monday readers!! I am a bit of a vintage fiend, and though usually I like to be the finder, scouring thrift stores, sifting through bins of throwaways hoping to uncover that amazing piece that someone thoughtlessly discarded, I have to admit, sometimes it's nice to have someone else do the sifting for you. Well that is exactly what Sasha Maksutenko has done, and sure shop is filled with only the best vintage finds...
She has an amazing eye for vintage jewelry and all things gold, oversized and ornamented. I've picked some of my absolute favorite pieces that seem to channel ancient textiles from all over the world. When it comes to jewelry, I love anything gold and chunky with a touch of color. One of these pieces would be a perfect way to turn a plain T and pair of jeans into a one-of-kind outfit...
textiles from top via text on textiles, alibaba, textile arts, lampas, all jewelry via SashaMaksVintage

Mrs. E just snatched up that killer gold and black piece [and I can't wait to see how she styles it!] but there is much more where that came from my friends so you better get on over there and find the one trashed piece destined to be your treasure...Enjoy!

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