Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Want to Live in...Marie Olsson Nylander's Home

Every once in a while, I see an interior that takes my breath away. And though I don't usually like to post images that have already made their way around the blog world, I simply could not resist this weathered and traveled space by Swedish designer Marie Olsson Nylander....

There is such a delicate balance here between clean, modern accents and organic, textured surfaces. And she's done it all on a bright white background, making each and every weathered and patterned piece tell a story...

I love the way each room shifts slightly in palette and mix of styles and influences, yet the whole home has a common thread throughout. It feels like the culmination of two colorful lives without any feeling of clutter.

And I love her take on a home office. Putting up artwork in all grayscales and leaving the palette nuetral allows for a clean canvas in which to create. And though I'm not sure how comfortable those chairs would be, the clear acrylic is stunning against the organic desktop.

from top left, pendant via 1st dibs, pillows via wisteria, pillow via etsy shop sukan, end table via 1st dibs, chair via anthropologie, vase via 1st dibs, end table via chiasso, chair via velocity

I'm taking a cue from Nylander's fearless style mixing and looking at both modern, sleek designs and graphic, international influences for my next design endeavor. I hope you're summer is off to an exciting start and you're letting your creativity flow this week with fearless, reckless abandon..Enjoy!

images via oracle fox


  1. The architecture is absolutely stunning - and it's decorated so beautifully. I love how every piece looks so unique, yet they all fit together. I'd kill to have white-washed wood floors! Although, they are hard to keep clean with dogs! ;-) hah!