Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Music + Style: Mod Bohemian [Shannon Eileen]

Meet Shannon Eileen. Creative blogger, talented musician and lover of the great Northwest. Shannon's blog Happiness Is... inspires me on a daily basis and her music truly soothes the soul. Her band, Lorelei's debut full length album is available on itunes and is an absolute must. I'm thrilled to share our little interview with you and a bit more of what makes her tick and gets her creative juices flowing..

What inspires you?

Other people in creative and artistic fields living their dream and doing what they love. Especially if they are sacrificing money and comfort to make it a reality.  

You have $100 to shop, where do you go?

Online shopping makes spending money way too easy! I would probably hit up ASOS, Ruche, ModCloth, Anthro, Free People, or Etsy vintage stores.

How would you describe your style?

Retro, bohemian, feminine, and comfortable. I like to wear at least one vintage item with every outfit. Lately, I've been into blazers, high waist shorts, 70's sundresses, rompers, architectural heels, and gold jewelry.
record player and headphones via urban outfitters, necklace via nallik, dress and shoes via topshop, clutch via sass & bide

If you had to choose a different era to live in which would you choose?

Definitely mid-century for the style and idealism. But for equal human rights, I'm happy being born when I was!

Who are your favorite musical artists?

 Dusty Springfield, Peggy Lee, Sinatra, Sade, Esthero, The Supremes, Maxwell, Si*Se, Jill Scott, Fiona Apple, Common, Radiohead, Pharcyde, Bob Marley, DJ Shadow, Miles Davis, Bill Withers, Portishead, John Coltrane, young Michael Jackson, Amel Larrieux, Gorillaz, Ella Fitzgerald, The Roots, Sam Cooke, Pearl Jam, Tribe Called Quest, Carla Bruni, Sarah Vaughan, young Weezer, D'Angelo, No Doubt, Eva Cassidy, Res, Gnarls Barkley / CeeLo, Prince, Frou Frou, Thievery Corporation, Adele. (Sorry so long - that's a HARD question, and I'm sure I'm leaving so many out!)

Your favorite viusal artists?

 Fantastic Hysteria, Matte Stephens, Blanca Gomez.

And your favorite fashion designers?

Ellie Saab, Stella McCartney, Orla Kiely, Missoni, Bianca Benitez of Dear Creatures.

When your schedule is crazy how do you find your balance?

No matter how busy I get, I try very hard to take time out for myself, whether it's getting more sleep, allowing myself a night off, saying no to people or projects that can wait, shutting off my computer, or just rewarding myself when I feel I deserve it. ME time is very good for the soul.

pendant via 1st dibs, vases via anthropologie, table and pillow via abc home, chair via design within reach

What is your favorite city and why?

Seattle! I grew up in the NW so it will always feel like home to me here.  Not only is the city beautiful, but the people are grounded and down to earth.  Venice / Santa Monica would be a close second, since I lived there after graduating from USC and it's where my man and I met.  International cities are another story all together. I'd choose London, Venice, and Santorini.

When you are up on stage what brings you your calm and confidence?

Being well rehearsed! Also, seeing my loved ones' faces in the audience puts my mind at ease. As soon as I stop thinking about how I'm sounding or how I look, I'm completely at peace, 100% into the music and what it's saying.

Any advice for girls dreaming big?

Persevere. I struggle with this every day, whether to keep pushing towards the goal, or take an easier route in life. In the end, I always revert back to dream, because I wouldn't be happy doing anything else.

What album are you listening to right now?

Esperanza Spalding and her upright bass. That girl is talent.

Where do your lyrics come from, is it personal or just comes when you play?

My songs are usually personal and come from experiences I've had or experiences people close to me have had. However, I'm a private person, so I don't like to get too specific or detailed. I think a little bit of poetic ambiguity is good and allows others to connect and relate with the song. For me, lyrics take time to craft. I don't want people to misunderstand me, and I'm probably way too focused on what other people will think. I sure wish I was the type of songwriter who could make up a song on the spot!

Besides music, what is your creative outlet?

My blog keeps me creative on a daily basis. I'm constantly inspired by the things I discover online and I love sharing that inspiration with others. I also hope to one day open up an Etsy shop with my own artwork... details TBA  ;)

images via Christopher Bachman Photography and Angela Burdine Photography


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