Friday, September 2, 2011

Musical Inspiration: Gold Leaves

Happy happy Friday! One of my favorite things about living in Seattle is the amount of live music we have the opportunity to see, and often in small, intimate venues. Last night I went to see the Gold Leaves at the Crocodile and it was the perfect way to spend a late summer night. Their music is soulful and light at the same time with an incredibly refined sound that still maintains its folk roots...

art via May Yang

Their wonderful cover art for this album reminded me of an artist I had filed away in my inspiration folders for a later time. Artist May Yang's paintings and prints use color such wonderful ways, mixing texture and geometry for a look that has the feeling of nature meets street art. And you know I always love someone that isn't afraid to let things get a bit chaotic...Enjoy!

p.s. check out a great interview with front man Grant Olsen here


  1. love the album cover art - reminds me of something I'd do! ;) Haven't heard of them yet - very cool sound!