Monday, October 17, 2011

Orange Crushed: Amanda's Manhattan Apartment

Hello!! I haven't even unpacked my bags yet from my whirlwind trip to NYC but I just could not stay away any longer. I got the pleasure of spending some time with an old friend and fellow blogger while in Manhattan and like many of my friends, she wanted my two cents on how to make her living space special. Many of us 20-somethings are renting rooms and aren't able to tear down walls and refinish surfaces to make a space our own, sometimes the paint color isn't even in our control. Such is the case for Amanda, who is sub-letting a charming little orange room near the East Village...
Don't get me wrong, orange is a wonderful statement hue and has actually been proven to be the happiest color of them all, but it definitely presents a challenge when creating a space that will also be calming and peaceful. So I pulled together a look for Amanda that would mesh with the vibrant walls without being too overwhelming, mixing bold accents with textured whites and greys for a little Moroccan getaway fit for a vibrant and vivacious girl about town...
Lanterns via World Market, pillow via Madeline Weinrib, screen and vases via Z Gallerie, pillow via John Robshaw, duvet via Dwell Studio, End table via Wisteria

Turquoise sits right across from bright orange on the color wheel, making it a complimentary hue, so pulling it in through some key accents helps to balance out the color in the room and take the volume down a notch. And putting a large screen behind her bed will bring some texture and dimension to the room without taking up any precious real estate. Best of all, any of these pieces will fit seamlessly into whatever color or type of space she lands in next!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I'm so excited excited to share all the inspiration I gleaned from my trip to the other coast..Enjoy!


  1. Well I love everything! I am obsessed with those lanterns, I actually have two hooks right above my bed that would perfectly for those! I am definitely implementing your style tips....warning- i might be texting you pictures of new furnishings to get your approval. You are a genius!

  2. It's definitely hard to make a space feel like home when you're renting and can't make big changes. Our condo's carpet is in dire need of replacement, but the landlords think it's ok, and I want to barf every time I step on it! haha... Cute post!!

    Kristina Gulino
    Twitter: @KristinaMGulino