Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Love it / Live it: Beautiful Mud

While I was very much enjoying the unusually dry Fall we were having, as always, the rain has arrived, daylight savings has come and gone, and the leaves of red and orange are turning to a deep dark auburn and mixing on the ground to create mud. But this year I'm trying a whole new outlook and finding the beauty in even the shortest and darkest of days....

This painting by artist Dan Gualdoni captures the dark brown beauty perfectly. I love the way the shadow lines drip in and out of each other creating the sense of a late November day on a deserted shore. And I just can't get enough of architect Frank Gehry's new collection for Tiffany & Co., now I too have something to swoon at in most of my girlfriends' favorite store. With these two pieces looking so gorgeous, it's a lot easier to appreciate the mud collecting outside my window..Enjoy!

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