Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colored Daylight 11.15.11

Happy Tuesday my friends! Lately I've been gravitating towards teal and kelly green. [And when I say lately I mean this entire year] In fact it happens to be the main palette in my home and having painted a center wall in this deep teal, I'm thinking I need a bright green door to complete the transformation. It feels rich and decadent without feeling too feminine...

And always on the lookout, here are a few of my current favorites from around the web for dressing and living in this gorgeous color combo...Enjoy!


  1. LOVE this combo too! They're sort of my wedding colors, in addition to gold/metallic :) xo

  2. great colors! lots of cheer & yet a quiet kind of energy. Both colors are fabulous with gold which always provides a certain elegance and decadence!