Friday, December 30, 2011

Love it / Live it: Mid-Winter's Sun

Today I'm loving artist Justin Siegel's bright yellow shapes layered over deep blues and greys. It gives a sense of sunshine breaking through a dreary Winter day. I woke up to that same effect in the sky this morning and after a week straight of rain and grey, I could not be more thankful for that brightness in the sky. So much so that I even got up early for a morning run around the lake! Oh the difference a little Vitamin D can make...

art by Justin Siegel / bag via Hyde SK

And you know I'm always looking for ways to bring neon into my wardrobe and this tote is the perfect mix of form and function....Enjoy!

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  1. ohh la la. love the 1st pic, total vitamin D booster - you got an awesome blog full of color!